Mind Foundry Learning

Mind Foundry Learning is committed to providing inclusive academic and enrichment programming to young people in grades K-12. Mind Foundry Learning has a unique approach to education. We focus on developing our kids into confident, curious, creative difference-makers. 21st century success requires creators not consumers.

At Mind Foundry, students create amazing things by teaming up, cooperating, and competing together. We believe in challenging young people to harness their creative and academic potential. We are looking for passionate, committed virtual interns to serve as coaches and assistant coaches in our learning programs and work to mentor and develop our elementary and middle school students. With your support and encouragement they will build the future one learning challenge at a time.

You will work alongside the Coaches of clubs with between 16-24 students. As a team you will lead your clubs in creative, cooperative, literacy and E-Sports challenges. The role of an Assistant Coach will be as a partner to the Coach, complimenting and supporting each other on what you believe needs to be accomplished.

Some responsibilities of an Assistant Coach could be

  • Making sure all players are invited to the match and accounted for
  • Providing insight and help when their players have questions in competitive or creative challenges
  • Scheduling meetings between the players and the coaching staff

From reviewing how your team plays and suggesting improvements and tactics to simply mentoring your players to work as a cohesive unit the Assistant Coaches use their expertise to help in anyway they can. The Assistant Coach role is also a gateway to a promotion to coach. Dedicated Assistant Coaches will see their efforts rewarded in following seasons.

This summer season will feature challenges in Rocket League, Fortnite, Minecraft, Factorio and many others.

Your clubs will also compete in academic challenges - making beats, writing books, creating cool videos.This virtual internship is guaranteed to be both meaningful and educational to those selected.

What do Mind Foundry Club volunteers do?

  • Work together with students and instructors to create incredible projects and experiences
  • Build professional skills including speaking, conflict management, and leadership
  • Mentor younger students

What will I need?

  • An internet connection and computer
  • A great attitude and willingness to learn
  • Experience with Rocket League, Fortnite, Minecraft, and Factorio preferred
  • Experience as a camp counselor or after school coordinator or sports coach is a bonus but not required

Compensation: Volunteer position with a stipend